Feb 1, 2011

Pickled on the Mayor's Council?

Okay fellow pirates, listen up!  My golden opportunity has arrived and I need your help!  I've become a finalist for a coveted seat on the Florida Key's Honorary Mayor's Council with Mayor Gonzo Mays!  Woo hoo!  If you don't already know who the Mayor is, well she's the "Pickled Pirate's" idea of the perfect woman!  She loves a good time, enjoys the warmth of the tropics, lists "drinking" as her hobby, and enjoys the taste of a good cigar.  That would be any man's dream, right? 

I first came across Mayor Gonzo Mays after reading her new pirate book, Pirate Night Before Christmas.  The book is great and is sure to become a Christmas tradition!  After reading her book, I wanted to know more about this woman.  It turns out she has a huge following and is very well known in the Keys.  After all, she's the Honorary Mayor of Key West!

So, who wouldn't want to win a seat on her council?!  And don't you think Key West needs a "Pickled Pirate"?  So, please do me a favor and visit her Facebook page and "LIKE" it!  Not only will you be glad to be connected to such a fun-loving woman, but you'll be helping me win the contest by "LIKING" her page and mentioning the "PICKLED PIRATE". 

I promise, if I win a seat I won't disappoint!  So, please take a moment to "hook" up a pirate.  Cheers!

1 comment:

  1. PUBLIC NOTICE: To all YOU DIRTY little Candidates ! I am Inviting all you contestant wannabes to a Debacle or Debate on FRIDAY Night at 9pm(Est) on Key West Show! To Join in the Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Soundman from Hell from their paradise Studio in Key West, having some PHUN and possible DEBATES -with the Mayoral Candidates- Call in LIVE @ 917-889-2418 or Listen at www.keywestshow.com