Sep 11, 2010


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Most people have a "pirate" inside of them, dreaming of tropical islands and blue waters. Our soaps, shower gels and lotions are a great gift for the male or female traveler, boating enthusiast or pirate inside of you!  These quality products can have either the "Pickled Pirate" label on them, or the "Pampered Pirate" label from our sister site.  Just let us know which label you'd like when ordering.

                            ORGANIC SOAPS                              

                   LOTIONS            SHOWER GELS                

Our gift sets are a little bit of everything to make your shopping easier!  The gift basket can be either "Pickled Pirate" or "Pampered Pirate" label.  The backpack gift sets are the "Pampered Pirate" label.  Pictures coming soon!

  Do you need a gift for a woman that loves the tropics or boating?  Check out these "PAMPERED" PRODUCTS that she'll love!  Great for liveaboards or bon voyage party! These products are from our sister site, but you can order them here with your "Pickled" products for your convenience!


      LIP BALMS                   BACKPACKS 

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