Sep 11, 2010

Shower Gels

This luxurious scented shower/bath gel is thick and produces a great, rich lather!  It also contains moisturizing aloe vera, chamomile extract and witch hazel to soothe your skin.  Choose from Rosemary Mint with pure essential oils or Caribbean Splash to take you to the tropics!  8 oz. - $5.00 Each. 

Caribbean Splash
A tropical aroma of pineapple, coconut, kiwi and island berries.  If you're not already in the tropics, you'll feel like you are with this shower gel!  A great scent for both men and women.

Rosemary Mint
Made with pure essential oils, this scent is a blend of rosemary herbs with a hint of mint. This is a stimulation of the senses!  Combine with our Rosemary Mint lotion!

Be sure to specify the "Pampered Pirate" label or "Pickled Pirate" label.  If a label is not specified, the "Pampered Pirate" label will be attached.

Pampered or Pickled Labels

Ingredients for our Shower Gels:
PURIFIED WATERALOE VERA GEL - Moisturizer with healing properties
From coconut oil - mild surfactant cleaner (not to be confused w/Sodium Laryl Sulfate)
COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE - cleaner from coconut oil
CELLULOSE - thickener from plant cell walls
CHAMOMILE EXTRACT - excellent healer
CITRIC ACID - Ph Balancer, maintains 5.5 PH Balance
WITCH HAZEL - for it's soothing Properties
SODIUM CHLORIDE - Thickener catalyst (salt)
METHYL PARABEN - preservative against yeast, mildew and bacteria.
  Organic preservative compound used in cosmetics to prevent contamination by fungus spores & micro-organisms.
FRAGRANCE- Scent oil
COLORANT - Fd&C Powder Colorant

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